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Standard FC gate valves are in accordance with API 6A 21th latest Edition, and use the right materials for H2S service according to NACE MR0175 standard.
Product Specification Level: PSL1 ~4   
Material Class: AA~FF  
Performance Requirement: PR1-PR2 
Temperature Class: PU

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Choke Manifolds

Choke Manifold is adopted to execute new drilling-well's technique of balance pressure. Choke Manifold can avoid pollution of oil-layer and improve the speed of drilling and control blowout effectively. The choke manifold consists of choke valves, gate valves, line pipes, fittings, pressure gauges and other components. CEPAI Drilltech supplies various choke manifold from 2-1/16"~4-1/16", with working pressure 2,000PSI~20,000PSI as per API SPEC 16C /6A.

Kill Manifolds

Kill manifold is necessary equipment in well-control system to pump drilling fluid into well barrel or inject the water into wellhead. It consists of check valves, gate valves, pressure gauges and line pipes. CEPAI supplies various kill manifold from 2-1/16"~4-1/16", with working pressure 2,000PSI~ 20,000PSI as per API SPEC 16C /6A.


Drilling Mud Manifolds

Drilling mud manifold consists of mud valve, high pressure spherical union, high pressure core union, tee, high pressure hose, elbow, pressure gauge, and pup joint etc. CEPAI Drilltech supplies various mud manifold from 2"~4", with working pressure 2,000PSI~10,000PSI as per API SPEC 16C /6A

Surface Test Manifolds

Standard configurations of surface test trees are available. These typically consist of swab, upper master, production, and kill line valves. Designs are also availablewith the lower master valve located beneath the swivel. Surface Test or Well Intervention Trees come in sizes from 3 1/16" to 7 1/16" and 5,000 psi through 15,000 psi (temperatures from –50°F to 350°F). Custom configurations are also available upon request.

High Pressure Choke & Kill Manifolds

By incorporating components such as Adjustable and Positive Chokes, Hydraulic Drilling Chokes, API Flanges, Hammer Lug Unions, API Studded Crosses and Tees, Adaptors, Spools, Blinds, Crossovers and Fittings, Choke Control Console, High Pressure Manifold Fittings, High Pressure Gate Valves (Manual and Hydraulic Gate Valves), High Pressure Plug Valves, Forged Crosses, Forged Tees, Forged Long Radius Elbows, Pressure Tested Assembly, Individually Pressure Tested Fittings and Gate Valves, Mud Vales, Drop Forged Manifold Fittings, Chokes, High Pressure Choke Valves, High Pressure Check Valves, Hammer Union Forged Tees and Elbows a depending on the application from our own stock availability, CEPAI can control the quality and programming of even very complex systems. CEPAI is keen to work with clients to provide the right solution for individual projects. Where applicable or to meet client requirements and are supplied fully certified by independent third party authorities.


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