Warmly welcome Mr. Paul Wang, Chairman of C&W International Fabricators of the United States to visit our company, and give guidance to our work.

At 9:00 am on March 7th, Paul Wang, Chairman of C&W International Fabricators of the United States, accompanied by Zhong Cheng, manager of Shanghai branch,they came to Cepai Group for a visit and investigation. Mr. Liang Guihua, Chairman of Cepai Group, enthusiastically accompanied him.

Since 2017, the domestic and international petroleum machinery product market has recovered, and the demand for domestic petroleum machinery, valves and accessories products in foreign markets has also increased, which has also brought Cepai Group to meet new opportunities and challenges. 

The opportunity lies in the increasing orders, while the challenge lies in the need to constantly improve the comprehensive strength of the company in order to cope with the changing market demand.

Chairman Wang, accompanied by the technical, quality and production management personnel of Cepai Group, carefully visited and inspected the whole process from raw materials to finishing, heat treatment, assembly and inspection.At the same time, he paid attention to every detail treatment in the production process to ensure 100% qualification rate of products and accessories.

Chairman Wang was happy and satisfied with the whole inspection process. He fully trusted in Cepai's production capacity and quality assurance, and expressed his willingness to establish a long-term partnership with us. Cepai will also be the icing on the cake with the joining of C&W company!

Post time: Sep-18-2020